Find and Save App, is interesting for penny pincherd

I use Find&Save to get cash back when I shop and you should too! Use this link to get a special offer for Target:


Rapid Ways to Build Mobile Apps

What is your road map for your mobile app?

There is always the idea to create the world’s best app.  Let’s break it down from a Zero to $1 Million Dollars strategy in 12 months.  What is the long term strategy for your mobile app success.  It is dangerous to compare to someone else’s dream.

Meetup Discussion.

When you make a sale… you are know in business.  Target 20 sales a day, get 50 reviews.  This is stage one.  Get the ball rolling.

Mobile Crowdfunding Expected to Rise in 2014

Crowdfunding via mobile devices,  tablets are expected to rise in 2014 as a growing option.

Crowdfunding is often touted as capable of transforming global finance. It is proposed to examine the potential opportunities for crowdfunding on a local scale.   Of course, mobile can contribute greatly to micro-donations, crowdfunding.

The flexible nature and structure of crowdfunding provides new possibilities for funding across multiple geographic regions and planes. This increases greater and diverse amounts of capital.

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