Thoughts on Mobile Diversity, Retraining and Workforce Development

The activities set for these series of events, discussion and outcomes are to lead, manage, educate and deploy greater possibilities to encourage education, impact and best practices for mobile application and micro- on global scales.

Let’s focus on Google Apps, since it supports and encourage more innovations for coders, inspiring developers – while also across more social classes.
The  core activities are to accelerate practical case studies an engagements across youth, schools and communities in which they live, give and choose to thrive.  The links between our daily use of smartphones, dumb phones and social impacts are not always easily understood by our students. 
The vision is for students to witness a film regarding Human Interaction, social impact and discussions.  After, this we will share resources to learn, code and promote mobile apps in communities.
The Activities
As a group, the activities are that such as to conduct research in the area of science which applies mathematical and scientific principles to the solution of practical problems for the benefit of society.  Based of professional experience, the provision of telecommunications that furnish point-to-point communications services including mobile applications, wireless networks and related cloud-based application services.
 Community Outreach, Local Advertising and Sustainability
On a weekly basis, we invite, encourage and mentor re-training to fulfill needed employment demands across numerous industries.
The learning community initiative seeks to enhance the skills of experience and neglected local workers across all ages.
The combined learning experiences, knowledge share and business networking extends beyond startup dreams.  It is an accelerator for experienced, savvy and often discriminated older workers.
The main criteria for funding learning communities will be:
  • Programs that foster an integrated curriculum in which course content is connected and course participants interact. 
  • Programs that have a specific, comprehensive assessment plan that addresses clearly articulated, intended learning outcomes for students.
  • Encourage and entertain ways to learn, see impacts and contribute within schools and communities effectively.
Additional emphasis will be placed upon:
  • Learning about Android mobile apps resource for development
  • Learning how to promote mobile applications for Google Play Store, as an introduction. 
The activities the inspire, promote an enhance success of students in under-represented groups.  The experience speaks for itself.  Good publicity may be more effective in generating sales than good advertising.  Everybody wins. 
The shift to community social-centric relationship management has begun. The activities with the #WorkforceRetraining project demonstrates collaboration and hybrid results within local communities while also empowering betterment and economic empowerment – across local business, consumers and explorations.
The most encourage thought leaders, entrepreneurs and executives are collective from within healthcare, financial services, education and career development. It will present a unique, unparalleled opportunity to make connections among the best and brightest.
 Special thanks to Sponsors
  • Stanford University
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Cadre of Volunteers
  • Twitter Followers – @KennethFax – 80,000+ Followers
  • Facebook Group Members
    • – Mobile Apps, Ads & Wireless Group - – 20,00+ members
Key words: Applied Technology Research;  Telecommunications Research, Communication Services; Electronic Messaging; Freenet Providers; Internet Service Providers; Rural Utilities; Telecommunications ; Telephone Systems; Wireless Communications Systems, Unified Communications

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