Salesforce Dreamforce – Startups, Mobile and Marketing

Salesforce Dreamforce 2015 – Startups and Entrepreneurs Unite
Last week, Salesforce gave hope to startups, entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs.  

Salesforce Dreamforce is the largest software conference in the world.
We meet as small business, smart startups and large enterprise working together – in professional manners.

I was honored to have been featured on the front page on for Startups.  As a mentor, technology executive and experience with effective hands-on coding for enterprise solutions – it was worth the long journey.  This year, there was a warm welcome to startups, emerging and leading companies to partner to build economies and make impact.

The Startup Summit is a two-day event just for startups, running in
parallel with Dreamforce. With sessions focused on both practical
knowledge and thought leadership, the Startup Summit was there to help and mentor business owners to acquired, communicating and keep in touch with customers.  The benefits are for companies to become more customer and community-focused companies from the very beginning.

About the author
Kenneth Fax


CEO, Co-Founder
Alexander Networks Group

** Advising, mentoring and leading for cloud, mobile and network based business worldwide – for more than 20 years. **


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