Boredom Detector; Body Communication; and more [Weekly Mobile Newsletter]

September 7, 2015

Weekly Mobile Newsletter



Smartphones Can Detect Boredom and Push Content to Relieve It

A group of researchers looked at how people used their phones to figure out when they were bored, then suggested they go read a BuzzFeed article.




How Your Body Could Become Part of a Better Alternative to Bluetooth

Researchers say magnetic signals sent through your body may be helpful to communicate data between wearable gadgets.




Startup’s Phone Relies on the Cloud to Free up Storage Space

Startup Nextbit is making a $399 unlocked smartphone that can smartly free up storage space by storing stuff in the cloud.




Toyota Investing $50M for Autonomous-Car Research at Stanford and MIT

The auto maker has lured the organizer of the DARPA Robotics Challenge to lead its new AI research effort.




Seven Must-Read Stories (Week ending September 5, 2015)

Another chance to catch the most interesting and important articles from the previous week on MIT Technology Review.




Is Facebook Too Sanitized to Handle News?

A vivid image of a beating heart tested Facebook’s system for handling complaints from the public.




Recommended from Around the Web (Week ending September 5, 2015)

A roundup of the most interesting stories from other sites, collected by the staff at MIT Technology Review.


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