Mark Cuban and USA’s Four Largest Children’s Hospitals Join to Make An “Impact Pediatric Health” at SXSW Interactive

English: Mark Cuban
English: Mark Cuban (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Join Mark Cuban and the nation’s four largest children’s hospitals to “Impact Pediatric Health” at SXSW Interactive

01.3.15 Announcements

The nation’s four largest pediatric hospitals are collaborating
together to produce the first ever “Impact Pediatric Health Pitch
Competition” on March 16th, 2015 at SXSW Interactive.  While open to any
health innovation that improves children’s health, the event is
primarily focused on digital innovation – but also has a significant
interest in any medical technology that can improve the health of

Mark Cuban – Internet
, billionaire, angel investor, NBA team owner, Shark Tank
member, and father of three Mark Cuban will emcee the Impact Pediatric
Health Pitch Competition event.

Sponsored by Cincinnati, Boston, and Texas Children’s Hospitals
together with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the event aims at
finding new products that uniquely affect pediatric health and that
challenges innovators to think about the pediatric population when
creating their products.

Digital health companies can easily overlook how creative extensions
of their product design can immediately impact children’s hospitals and
the pediatric patient population. There are approximately 220 children’s
hospitals in the U.S. with the top 5 – 10 hospitals often leading the
market on product purchasing decisions. Children’s hospitals collaborate
well together, share products that work, and actively look for
innovation.  As a cohort of hospitals, they possess formidable
purchasing power.

We are looking for the most innovative digital health and medtech
device startups that are solving big problems to make and keep kids
healthy, we are also looking for companies in these areas:

  • Remote Monitoring (wireless/non-invasive)
  • Mental Health
  • Prematurity (mom and baby)
  • Patient Safety
  • Gamification Compliance (physical therapy, diabetes, medication etc)
  • Population Management or systemic, real time decision support

For more details on these six “pain points,” see

There are 75 million children in USA accounting for 24% of total US
population. The total pediatric healthcare market in USA is estimated at
$186 billion. Approximately $96 billion from Employee Sponsored
Insurance (ESI) representing 41.4 million children, $78 billion from
Medicaid Insurance representing 26.8 million children, and $12 billion
from uninsured self-pay patients representing 7 million children.

Since 2007, total healthcare expenditures on children has grown by
11.9 %. Americans spent over 31.1% of their healthcare dollars for
children on teenagers and 31.4% on infants and toddlers. Annual per
capital health care expenditures for children in the US in 2011 was
$2,347 with an increase of 7.7% from 2010 to 2011.


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