New Meetup Group: Russian and Nob Hill Roving Co-Working Community

New Meetup Group!

Russian and Nob Hill Roving Co-Working Community

Listed in: Business Networking, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Work From Home, Coworking, and 8 more topics.
Calling all Russian and Nob Hill (and others around us) remote workers! This is a group meant to bring us out from our second bedrooms, home offices, and away from our dining room tables and to build a roving co-working community. We’ll set up shop at local coffee houses and other venues that will accommodate us. While our time together is meant to be productive, our hope is to build community, continuity,… [read more]
5 members have already joined including
Hi there
Hi all! I technically live in Cow Hollow but across the street from Russian Hill. 🙂
I love working from home, but when I’m actually at home I spend half the day doing chores or cooking.

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