Devshop 11: React+Meteor, native SVG support, Reactive 3D, Unity integration, and more!

Your Organizer, Jade Wang, sent the following message to some members of Meteor SF Bay Area:

Hey Meteorites,

Meteor Devshop 11 is coming up this Thursday on 1/30! We’ve got a fantastic lineup of a record 11 talks to start off 2014 with:

7:00PM – Aaron Cammarata (Chief Creative Officer at VOIDAlpha) – Full Page Gaming: Integrating the Unity WebPlayer with Meteor

7:30PM – Pete Hunt (software engineer at Facebook) – High performance functional programming with React and Meteor

8:00PM – Lightning Talks

  • Alice Yu (Community Manager at Meteor) – Meteor for web beginners
  • Oleksandr Stubailo (Developer at Meteor) – Meteor developer accounts
  • Alexey Komissarouk (Code Mercenary at – Houston-Hook: host your Admin UI on
  • Akbar Ahmed (Founder at – Faster Meteor Development with Automation
  • Gerard Sychay (Partner at Differential) – Create a Meteor blog in 30 seconds
  • Kris Hamoud (Founder at Paytagz) – Sell things faster with Meteor and Instagram
  • Graeme Pyle (Co-founder at TaskPutty) – TaskPutty, a visual process modeler built with Meteor
  • Zoltan Olah and Dominic Nguyen (Partners at Percolate Studio) – Introducing the new Atmosphere
  • Avital Oliver (Core Developer at Meteor) – Beyond D3: Easily build visualizations with Meteor’s native SVG support
  • Slava Kim (Core Developer at Meteor) – Meteor meets your text editor
  • Oleksandr Stubailo (Core Developer at Meteor) – Reactive 3D: Collaborative building


Just a quick heads up, the RSVP on Meetup is for people attending in real life (here with us in atoms, not bits). For folks who are viewing remotely, we’ll be streaming live on YouTube:, and in addition to audience questions, we’ll be taking questions from remote viewers: just tweet in with #MeteorDevshop.  If you’re tuning in on YouTube Live, feel free to also tweet with #MeteorDevshop.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you!


P.S. If you RT someone else’s question on twitter, it makes it more likely that I’ll ask it to the speaker.

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